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How to use your card

Besides basic benefits, Sacombank also puts great emphasis on value added services to bring more flexibility and convenience to our card holders.

Money transfer for everyone

Sacombank offers various solutions to meet increasing demand of customers, especially instant transfer:

  • Visa Direct (Send money to Visa card) allows Sacombank’s card holders to transfer money to any Visa card issued in Vietnam by other banks with premium service quality standards: Instant receipt - Simple procedures - 24/7 transactions. This service handles all demands related to money transfer to Visa cards such as credit card payment, prepaid card top-up, money transfer to debit cards, etc. 
  • Cardless (Mobile money) allows Sacombank’s card holders to transfer money 24/7 via our ATMs/Internet Banking/Mobile Banking. Receivers, without being card/account holder of any bank, can withdraw money at Sacombank’s ATM by entering receipt code sent to them via SMS. 
  • Interbank money transfer allows customers to transfer money from Sacombank’s debit cards to all debit cards/credit cards/prepaid cards issued by Sacombank and affiliated banks.

Multi-purpose payment

Sacombank’s cards bring you more flexibility in paying for various consumption bills (i.e. Utility bills, telephone fees, insurance premium, etc.), recharging mobile phones, paying for credit cards, purchasing air tickets or electronic prepaid cards, etc. anytime at ATMs of Sacombank or via Sacombank’s Electronic Banking Services (including Internet Banking and Mobile Banking).

Counter-free transactions

Besides traditional transaction counters, Sacombank’s card holders can make transactions via various channels unrestrained by time and space such as: 

  • Sacombank ATM network stretching across the country over to Laos and Cambodia. Besides basic functions such as money withdrawal, balance check, PIN change, etc., our ATMs can perform other tasks like: interbank money transfer, Cardless (mobile money), Visa Direct (send money to Visa cards), cash payment to Sacombank’s cards/accounts, bill payment, etc. 
  • Sacombank’s Electronic Banking (including Internet Banking and Mobile Banking) allows customers to make various transactions on computers or mobile phones anytime, including: balance check, transaction check, interbank money transfer, mobile topup, bill payment (utility bills, telephone fees, etc.), air/train ticket purchase, payment of credit card outstanding balance, online savings, purchase of virtual prepaid cards, etc. For receiver who is not card/account holder of any bank, all that is required is the remitter enters the receiver’s ID number, then the latter can bring his/her ID card to Sacombank’s points of transaction to receive money.

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