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Virtual Card

No need for conventional plastic cards, customers using prepaid electronic cards can make transactions conveniently and mitigate the risk of leaked card information


Virtual Card is a non-bearer international prepaid card under Visa’s name. The providers do not issue plastic cards but only grant a card number, expiration date and card security code (CVV2) through eBanking or a Partner website for individual/organizational customers wishing to pay for goods and services online via an electronic payment gateway or via e-mail or telephone (MOTO transactions), except for transactions with betting nature or special transactions notified by the State Bank or Visa card organization or the General Director from time to time.


Convenient and simple use as conventional cards
No need to spend time on providing personal information or proving financial capabilities
Easy shopping online without having to bring along any tangible card 
You only need to recharge, activate the card and use it to purchase goods online until the account balance is used up.
No worry about being hacked.


Convenient and time-saving because cards are purchased online
Mitigation of financial risks in online transactions
Balance not refunded except for special cases as specified from time to time
Purchase of goods over the Internet at the world leading online sales websites such as Amazon, eBay and sales websites integrated with payment via electronic wallet such as Bao Kim, Ngan Luong, purchase of flight tickets online…
Subscription for online services of Apple Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Apps Store, Amazon Apps Store, online games,... to download thousands of free applications 
Online account authentication such as: MoneyBookers, Facebook Credit, Google Adwords...
Maximum recharge: VND 5,000,000
Cash withdrawal and conversion to Bearer cards are not allowed.
Card information is sent to your email including card number, expiration date and card security code (CVV2)
Note: payment for advertisements via Google and Facebook is not supported


To apply for eBanking services, please present the original ID card or Passport to any transaction point of Sacombank.
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