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The process of formation and development

Toa nha
INITIATING MANY IMPORTANT PROJECTS: LOS, CRM, BASEL II... AND ESTABLISHING DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY BANKING CENTER, Sacombank continues to consolidate existing value systems and speed up the trend, capture the development opportunities.

Vision - Mission - Core Values

To be a national leader in modern retail banking.

Providing best-in-class multi-purpose financial solutions for customers.

Maximizing added-value to partners, investors and shareholders.

Strengthening the banking industry and protecting staff wellbeing

Committing to build ​ social communities.

Overcoming challenges towards success

Providing innovative approaches for sustainable development.

Strengthening community and social responsibility .

Making a difference with breakthrough innovations in business and operations.​

Vision - Mission - Core Values

Board of Directors

Mr. Duong Cong Minh


Mr.Pham Van Phong
Permanent Vice Chairman

Mr.Nguyen Mien Tuan
Vice Chairman


Mrs.Nguyen Duc Thach Diem

Mr.Nguyen Xuan Vu


Mrs. Le Thi Hoa
Independent Member

Mr. Nguyen Van Huynh
Independent Member