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All-in-one electronic tax service at Sacombank


  • Electronic tax service helps enterprises make online payments of taxes, including:  Value added tax, Special consumption tax, License tax, Natural resource tax, land use tax, Land and housing tax, Land rent, Registration fees and other penalties and charges via the website of General Department of Taxation.
  • This solution enables enterprises to save travelling costs and time and carry out transactions conveniently wherever Internet connection is available. At Sacombank, thanks to advantages of advanced technologies, enterprises are offered 24/7 service, even on public holidays. After 6 months of working with the General Department of Taxation, as many as 55,000 customers have requested for electronic tax service at Sacombank.
    “With simple and fast registration procedures, enterprises may make prompt registration without facing any difficulty. Since registering Electronic tax service, our company has been no longer worried about late payment of taxes because our Accountant can actively choose payment time and the amount of tax payable with high accuracy and security”, said a leader of Nhat Thang Co., Ltd. (which is specialized in distributing high-quality confectionary).
  • In addition, Sacombank also provides Customs Duty Collection service at transaction counters, helping enterprises save time on payment of taxes on exports and imports thanks to accurate information on tax payment, avoiding errors. Enterprises’ tax payment obligations are fulfilled after Sacombank sends a notice on tax collection confirmation to the Customs of Vietnam.
  • Sacombank not only provides domestic tax service, it also offers Online Customs Duty Guarantee service which is provided on the basis of the cooperation agreement between Sacombank and the Customs of Vietnam via system connection between the Parties. When Sacombank sends a notice on guarantee to the Customs of Vietnam successfully, customs duty guarantee obligations of Sacombank towards customers are established, enterprises will have their goods cleared quickly. 
  • For further information, please visit our website at or contact 24/7 Customer Service Center of Sacombank by calling us at 1900 5555 88 / 08 3526 6060, or by email at

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