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Commodities Derivatives Contracts

Sacombank offers a full range of commodity hedging solutions for Customers from producers, traders to end-users, across the whole spectrum of commodities including: Soft Commodities, Base Metals, Energy, etc


  • Benefits of solution
    • An effective hedging tools for commodity price fluctuation risks.
    • Low counterparty risk.
  • Benefits in case of dealing With Sacombank
    • Receiving daily commodity market analysis.
    • Benefit the advisory services from our commodity team.
    • Simple documents processing and competitive transaction fees.
    • Fast, safe, convenient trading through Online Trading System named Sacombank Commodities Trader (web based and mobile app).


  • Customers are able to trade the following contracts:
    • Commodities Futures Contracts
    • Option on Commodities Futures Contracts
  • The commodities trading include: Rubber, Coffee, Sugar, Wheat, Copper, Nickel, Oil, and so on.
  • Each commodity is traded on different international exchanges such as: ICE US, ICE EU, LME, CME, CBOT and so on.
  • The total volume of goods permitted for trading must be equivalent to the volume of goods stated in commercial contracts.
  • The volume of trading goods is determined by Lot. For each commodity, a Lot will be calculated in a different quantity according to international  standards.
  • The tenor of contracts shall not exceed the remaining tenor of the commercial contracts.
  • Margin deposit is required. The amount of deposit depends on the Exchange’s regulations.

How to apply

  • Customers read, understand and sign the Agreement, Trading Registration Form.
  • Customers present all the required documents according to the regulations of Sacombank.
  • Opening a margin account and deposit sufficient fund for trading.
  • For further information, please contact at or Tel (028) 6288 4109 or any nearest Sacombank Transaction Point.
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