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Effective financial solutions for exporters and importers


Online international settlement at any time and place
Accompanying enterprises has always been one of the key tasks of Sacombank. In order to create more favorable conditions for enterprises to save time, personnel costs and overhead costs as well as reduce administrative procedures, Sacombank has launched Electronic Letter of Credit (ELC) on Sacombank iBanking system.

Sacombank iBanking- satisfies diverse needs of Enterprises

  • At present, more than 51,000 corporate customers trust and use Sacombank iBanking to carry out basic transactions such as: account inquiries, fund transfers to partners, payment of public services such as electricity – water – telecommunications, etc. as well as experience outstanding utilities such as: online opening/settlement of deposit accounts without limits; salary payment, vendor payment allowing customers to carry out up to 500 transactions/time, prepare schedules for future transfers and periodical transfers; preparation of L/C documentation (eL/C). 

Maximum security & privacy

  • In particular, iBanking system of Sacombank may also match diverse models of approval of organizations, from the model with 01 person creating and approving transactions to the model with multiple levels of creating, controlling and approving transactions with unlimited number of users at each level of creating, controlling and approving transactions. In addition, the system also facilitates the implementation of salary security mechanism at Enterprises with the model of decentralization of powers to make salary payment for several specific users upon request of Enterprises. 

More convenient with eLC service

Corporate customers, who are using iBanking service and frequently carry out international settlement transactions with Sacombank, may use eLC feature to carry out international settlement transactions online at any time and place with maximum security and privacy: Request for opening, adjustment/cancellation of import L/C; Inquiry Export/Import Letters of Credit; Request for Direct Export Collection; Request for Return/Examination of Import Collection Documentation; Inquiry Export/Import Collection Documentation sent/received by Sacombank; Inquiry received guarantees notified by Sacombank, etc.

Enjoy superior privileges

  • In addition to the above utilities, Enterprises which register Sacombank iBanking will enjoy a wide range of superior privileges, including free-of-charge account management, free-of-charge salary payment via Internet Banking, free-of-charge fund transfer to partners having accounts at Sacombank, attractive discounts for other transaction made via Internet Banking, etc.
  • For further information, please contact Sacombank transaction points or 24/7 Customer Service Center by calling us at 1900 5555 88 or by sending an email to or contact Sacombank Branches/Transaction offices nationwide.

Contact now:

1900 5555 88 - 0888 5555 88