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Escrow account

A firm commitment


  • Sacombank provides escrow account services for any individual/entity to establish a company or register for additional business lines in the following areas:
    • Security services;
    • Debt collection;
    • Real estate business;
    • Overseas education consulting;
    • Film production and marketing;
    • Audit;
    • Establishment of commodity exchanges, etc.
  • Sacombank offers escrow account services for entities to ensure their sustained business operations in the following areas:
    • Insurance business;
    • Multilevel marketing;
    • Outsourcing;
    • Digital signature certification;
    • Travel business;
    • Job referral services;
    • Sending of laborers to work overseas; temporary import - re-export, temporary export - re-import and cargo transshipment.
  • Simple and time-saving procedures.
  • Flexible time deposits.
  • Attractive interest rates depending on types of deposits.
  • Free of any deposit confirmation charge.

Conditions & Procedures

  • Individual customers:
    • Deposit request/contract.
    • ID card/passport of the founding member.
  • Institutional customers:
    • Legal documents.
    • Deposit request/contract.
    • ID card/passport of the legal representative or the authorized representative.
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