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Full Financial Packages For SMEs

SMEs need to know these Sacombank’s promotion

With the target which brings out more benefits for corporates, Sacombank continuously launches new products, financial packages supporting Corporates to reach the banking services and business capital, which stable the development and extend production.

Newly banking business opening is easy

Following the Government’s Policy on administrative procedure reform, Sacombank signed a linked contract with HCM city’s Authority of Planning and Investment to open business accounts when registering. According to that, Corporates which register their names at Authority of Planning and Investment will get the account numbers without going directly to the bank, that save time and company establishment procedures. This model is applied to all areas in Vietnam by Sacombank.

Diver the loans with good interests

To handle the addition capital for business of SMEs, from the beginning of 2016, Sacombank launched 3.000 billion VND – Good loans for new corporates. In this program, customers who do new loans will receive special interest from 7.7%/year for Short-term, from 8.55%/year for Medium, it will last long to the end of 2016.

Regarding some special business such as Car cover trading… Sacombank is also financing flexible capital, guarantee by the domestics and international car tires with good interest from 7.7%/year. Moreover, some hospitality industries which need money to purchase, fix or build the new one will get a reduce of interest to 2%/year, compare with the regular interest in the flexible time.

In case of buying cars, Sacombank continue using 1.600 billion VND following the promotion “Car loans, super promo” with good interest from 7.2%/year, duration time is up to 7 years and the rental ratio is up to 80% of the car price.
Especially, due to deep understand the need of SMEs, Sacombank launched many products in order to cut down paperwork procedures such as express loans (Quick paperwork), Corporates will receive a result around 24 hours. Regarding SMEs installment loans, it creates the active form for business activities and reduces pressure of short-term loans, or immediately adding capital loans help company add a bonus express capital to enhance production seasonally.


Foreign currencies worry reduction

To meet the demand of various foreign currencies, Sacombank recently launches “Foreign Currency loans”. In specific, Corporates are going to have more choices when being allowed to get a loan of many currencies for business and prevent from exchange rate fluctuation. The loans method is flexible, means that the type of repaid currencies can be the same or different from the previous one, depending on Corporates

Advance the corporate’s reputation with partners

Bank Guarantee is a solution for SMEs to enhance their positions when signing a business contract with partners. Not only this service but also Sacombank launches the services of releasing domestic L/C (Letter of Credit). Like the Import L/C, Sacombank also immediately pays for domestic partners following the released L/C’s content, which advances the bank’s trustworthiness. Moreover, with Bills of exchange rate and Domestic L/C documents, Sacombank also does the discount to provide capital for business

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