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Letters Of Guarantee


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1. You should choose a correct type of letter of guarantee: Normal letter of guarantee or Electronic letter of tax payment guarantee, enter correct information on the number of the letter of guarantee, Serial number stated on the letter of guarantee (for normal letters of guarantee)/ or Document number (for Electronic letters of tax payment guarantee) and the authorization code displayed on the screen to verify information on your letter of guarantee.

2. The program only supports searches for:- Normal letters of guarantee issued by subordinate units [1] of Sacombank from July 01, 2013 onwards, or merged units [2] of Sacombank from October 01, 2015 onwards.• [1]: being Branches/ Transaction offices of Sacombank before the Southern Bank was officially merged into Sacombank.• [2]: being Branches/ Transaction offices merged from the Southern Bank into Sacombank.- Electronic letters of tax payment guarantee issued by Sacombank from June 30, 2015 onwards.

3. In case it is impossible to conduct a search, please contact Sacombank’s Customer Service Centre at email address:, telephone number: 1900 5555 88 or Sacombank Branch as per information stated on the letter of guarantee for assistance.