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Master Account


This account facilitates our customers in managing and optimizing cash flows on their current accounts at Sacombank.


  • Funds from sub-accounts (accounts of subsidiaries/branches) will be automatically transferred to a master account to centrally manage cash flows and vice versa in order to regulate the liquidity of each sub-account.
  • The required balance of each sub-account, automatic scanning frequency and schedule, prioritized sub-accounts, and other things, will be as requested by the customer.
  • The management and control of cash flows on multiple individual accounts will be become easier than ever.
  • Idle funds will be used more efficiently.
  • Transaction data is updated instantly through any of the following options: Making queries via Internet.
  • Banking/Mobile Banking and automatically notifying transactions via SMS/email.

Target Customers

Any company that has subsidiaries/branches and wishes to direct cash flows into its master account quickly.

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