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Product and service package for SMEs


Product and service package for SMEs

  • With a view to offer Enterprises more and more utilities, Sacombank has continued our ceaseless efforts to introduce new products and financial solution packages in order to help Enterprises access to banking services and sources of business financing easily, whereby stabilizing their business and expanding production scale.


Opening new corporate accounts is not difficult.

  • Upon implementation of the Government’s guidelines on administrative reform, recently, Sacombank has signed an agreement on association with Hochiminh City Department of Planning and Investment to open accounts for Enterprises upon registration for new establishment, accordingly, Enterprises which apply for business registration at Hochiminh City Department of Planning and Investment will be issued account numbers for transaction by Sacombank without having to directly go to the Bank, whereby, saving time and streamlining procedures for establishing Enterprises. At present, this model is replicated across provinces and cities nationwide.


Diverse loans with preferential interest rates.

  • In order to meet SMEs’ demand for additional working capital, since early 2016, Sacombank has launched VND3 trillion financing package with preferential interest rates for new institutional borrowers. Accordingly, when Customers take out new loans will be entitled to special interest rates only from 7.8%/year for short-term loans, from 8.0%/year for mid-term loans, the program will last until the end of 2016.
  • Only for Enterprises which carry out business in specific industries such as trading of automobile cover, Sacombank also finances working capital secured by automobile cover bought inside and outside the country with preferential interest rates from 7.7%/year. 
  • For enterprises having demand for purchasing different types of cars, Sacombank continues to set aside VND1.6 trillion for the program “Auto Loans - Enjoy Superior Privillege” with interest rates only from 7.6%/year and loan terms up to 7 years and financing rate up to 80% of vehicle value. 
  • In particular, with an insight into concerns of SMEs, Sacombank has introduced a great deal of products and mechanisms in order to streamline administrative procedures such as Express Loans for SMEs with time-saving application procedures and quick processing of application documents within 24 hours. Especially, Installment Loans for SMEs enable SMEs to have secured finance for their business activities, relieving debt burden due to the long loan term and periodic principal repayment schedule while Loans for Short-Term Capital Needs provide SMEs with instant and timely financing to enhance seasonal business and production.


Relieving concerns about foreign currency-denominated loans.

  • With a view to satisfy diverse demands for foreign currency loans, Sacombank has recently introduced “Multi-currency loans”. In particular, Enterprises can take out loans denominated in various foreign currencies for their business, which protects enterprises against and mitigates exchange rate risks, thereby increases business efficiency. Lending and repayment methods are flexible, types of foreign currency used to prepay loans may be the same as or different from types of foreign currency in which loans are denominated, depending on Enterprises’ demands.


Increasing Enterprises’ prestige among partners

  • Bank guarantee is a solution thereby SMEs can improve their position when signing economic contracts with domestic partners. In addition, Sacombank has just introduced Domestic L/C service. Like Import L/C, with Domestic L/C, Sacombank will also make prompt payment for domestic partners of SMEs in accordance with the contents of issued L/Cs, thereby increasing the Bank’s guarantee towards SMEs’ partners. Moreover, with Discount of drafts and domestic L/C documents, Sacombank will also make discount to finance Enterprises’ business.

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