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Releasing bottlenecks on capital sources for small and medium enterprises

Accompanying the enterprises in their business and manufacturing process by optimal capital structure.

Capital needs of small and medium enterprises to enhance competitiveness

In business, to implement a project or long-term oriented, enterprises often have to invest a relatively large capital source. Thus the mechanism for production and business loans maturing annually usually create a significant repayment pressure for businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Currently, SMEs account for 97% of all enterprises in our country, an important contribution to creating jobs for the labor force, and increasing revenue... According to another report of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the SME sector contributes nearly 50% of GDP; the amount of taxes and fees paid to the State account for over 30% of total revenue; accounting for about 31% of total investment by the enterprise community in general and more significant that accounts for 50% of Vietnam's labor.
But there is a fact that despite of the majority contribution, the capacity of enterprises is weak due to the size, reputation, brand and several small other restrictions on the management level, the production capacity of business... Facing that obstacles, SMEs need to employ a number of solutions such as investing on science and technology to improve competitiveness, leveraging the opportunities that come from the trade agreements, enhancing financial capacity, increasing business scale... However, SMEs themselves also understand that in order to achieve that tarets, the most important factor is still the capital. 

Business loans with repayment period of up to 60 months

Last time, the government and the banks have made the move to support SMEs in terms of policy, preferential financing sources, production space, promoting market expansion... Especially at the end of the year, when production needs to rise, businesses need to raise capital even more to serve production and business activities. Sacombank is one of the outstanding bank to emphasize on preferential financing for SMEs. Recently, Sacombank has deployed products named business installment loans for SMEs with capital capability of about 20 billion to replenish capital for production and business. Thus, companies will not be under pressure to repay loans due to time up to 60 months instead of paying the debt within 1 year as usual. Flexible repayment methods which allows companies to pay recurring capital, early repayment lot or early repayment period to reduce the cost of capital.

Reduced concerns over collateral for working capital lending products exports

Besides efforts to ease the pressure for businesses on loan repayment by increasing period for the loan, the Bank has also supported enterprises by variety of flexible financial solutions. For example, the Loans for producing exporting products by L/C being more preferred by the enterprises. An import and export enterprise in Thanh Hoa province share, by using L/C, enterprises somewhat reduced concerns about loan collateral in banks. In addition, this Bank is also deploying short-term loans for the import and export enterprises according to specific business sectors to procurement, production, processing and export of commodities such as cashew, rubber, coffee, seafood, rice... At each business stage, the Bank develops different credit products which are consistent with the characteristics and needs of each sector.

Issuing Usance Payable At Sight L/C (UPAS) for importing enterprises who do not have foreign currency earned sources.

On the other hand, a recent information which is very interested to businesses is the official announce of SBV issued Circular No.31/2016/TT-NHNN amending and supplementing some articles of Circular No. 24/2015/TT-NHN provisions on foreign currency loans for foreign credit institutions and bank branches together with a number of conditions attached which have effected up to 31/12/2017. The VND loans must then be converted into foreign currency to importers has caused many obstacles. Since the conversion of foreign currency in payment will lead to the risk of exchange rate fluctuations resulted in higher production costs, causing some difficulties in product sales. Foreseeing that trend, Sacombank has promoted the product to support enterprises to borrow foreign currency. For importers that do not have foreign currency revenues, Sacombank preferred method to deploy capital financing through the issuance of Usance Payable At Sight L/C (also known as UPAS). Thereby, the importer will be capitalized for production and business in the form of deferred payment for goods equivalent interest rate for foreign currency loans, foreign exporters are getting money from partner banks of Sacombank.

Multi-currency lending to help enterprises expand markets

For enterprises with foreign currency revenues coming from export activities, Sacombank cares to overcome previous situation that some banks stop lending some common currencies such as USD, EUR... which do not met the needs of enterprises to export to other markets. Therefore, banks have researched and launched multi-currency loans product to enterprises with more options on foreign currency loans in the process of additional business capital. With this product, Sacombank has helped businesses reducing costs in the payment and actively selecting beneficial co-payment when signing export contracts. Many currencies such as USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, CHF, JPY, SGD, CAD, THB... will be lend with flexible lending approach and payment methods such as scheduled or by credit line; currency used for payment can be same or different from borrowing currency depending on the needs of businesses.
According Hoa Mai Limited Company at Thanh Hoa: "At the moment, company is exporting many items such as frozen pork, milk to other markets such as Thailand, Hong Kong... This multi-currency loan from Sacombank could help enterprises planning as well as re-planning for the payment sources in order to response and to add capital timely for operations. Agreeing with this enterprise, JSC Delta Sport said: "This multi-currency loans of Sacombank is an optimal product gives customers more choices in line with the exchange rate and payment terms of the contract. Besides the foreign currency loans, we also use many other services of Sacombank such as International Payments, Payroll... Up to the present time, we are still very pleased with the products they offered ".

Make an online appointment for advice now !

Not only providing financial capital source for companies in order to focus on stabilizing business, the Bank also supports many businesses by a lot of added supporting services, one of the typical service is online appointment booking service through electronic portal of the Bank. When in need of financial, companies only need to visit Sacombank website at the address (category "Enterprises online appointment") and leave your contact information. Within 8 working hours after receiving notification from the program, the branch/transaction office of Sacombank in selected areas will contact enterprises to give advice on their needs.

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