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Special Privileges for Master Accounts at Sacombank

Master Account

  • Optimization of cash flows management for enterprises owning a wide network of branches, adoption of solutions to separate cash flows from goods sales among sectors, branches in parallel of maintenance of financial control of such Enterprises, quick management of central cash flows are always given special attention by enterprises. Grasping enterprises’ needs, Sacombank has launched Master Account service and provide this service for a great deal of enterprises over the last years. 
  • A Master Account is a current account intended for enterprises, including a master account and one or several sub-accounts used to automatically manage receipts and payments within limits and for a period as designated by enterprises.
  • A Master Account enables automatic transfer from the master account to sub-accounts to provide additional funds in case of a temporary shortage of capital or automatic transfer of revenues from sub-accounts to the master account as per a preset cycle. Enterprises may limit the amount of or allocate limits in each automatic transaction; actively determine automatic fund transfer or capital allocation cycles; average balances of a master account enjoy step-up interest, etc. In addition, enterprises may also use account overdraft service which allows enterprises to spend over the balance of their accounts, including master accounts and sub-accounts, helping enterprises actively meet temporary shortages of capital. 
  • For further information, please contact Sacombank transaction points or 24/7 Customer Service Center by calling us at 1900 5555 88 or by sending an email to or contact Sacombank Branches/Transaction offices nationwide.

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