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Intra/Inter Bank Transfer


  • 24/7 fast, safe and confidential online transactions
  • Manage Counterparty helps to save information about your beneficiaries
  • Receiver is notified of successful fund transfers via emails or messages


With Sacombank iBanking – Intra/Inter Bank Trasfer, Customers can:

  • Use account to transfer
  • Check transactions made
  • Transfer funds to many people at various amount at the same time (*)
  • Make schedules of future transactions and regularly repetitive transactions
  • Get fund transfer limit up to VND 10 billion per transaction and VND 20 billion per day
  • Transaction based on approval model, minimum 1 creator + 1 approver
    (*) Applicable for Intra Bank Fund Transfer

Conditions & Documents

Customers need to register:

  • Checking account (VND) at Sacombank
  • Sacombank Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
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