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Non-physical prepaid cards

More secure for online shopping, more surprise gifts for relatives, friends

Why secure ? Why surprise ?

Her story
While surfing web, she crushed on a handbag, the price is up to 5 million VND, but she had never shopped on this website before... She intended to use credit card to buy it immediately, but take a second to think carefully, she wondered  that recently  there are a lot of cases about the fraudulent online trading were warned on the radio or told by her friends, not to mention that someone was hacked to steal the card information to withdraw money in the account. But she was so in love with this, then what should she do?

His Story
It was twilight when he is on the way back home from business trip. He just suddenly think of his newly married wife is now waiting for him. And because today is the first time they celebrate her birthday in their roles of Husband and Wife. Unfortunately, he was so busy with the business that he could not have time buy any present for her. No gift, no surprise, will be accused of not caring, then his wife will sulk, then blamed on him, and then he had to have lunch outside, sleep on dirty bed due to her strike... what to do?

And the story of the cards 
While “him” and “her” were wondering and worrying, three brothers Payment Card, Credit Card and Prepaid Card were sitting and gossiping in a coffee shop.

Payment cards lamented: "Guys, this time people only use me to withdraw money, and for making payment, they prefer to use their credit card, they think that when encounter unfortunate circumstances while making payment, especially the online payment, the credit card is less risky because they believe that it is a loan account, the bank will be more enthusiastic to support processing than payment card. In case of payment card, it is their own money, their own property then they must be more concerned when using it…What kind of people, too much thinking ...".

Credit card responses: "Well, you keep saying that, but what about prepaid card? People are now preferred to use it instead of me when making online payment. Cause they just top up on how much that they would spend. Then the hacker would never harm them. Not to mention, you know, people are now also prefer to buy prepaid cards and put money in to give each other as a gift because it is not only creating surprise but also more formal than giving lucky money.

Prepaid card continues: "In terms of this, I still run behind non-physical prepaid card. If people want to buy me, I have to run to the bank. But to buy non-physical prepaid card, you just only need a click on website. Because they are not physical card, they can be issued immediately. Then if people want to give to their friends, there will a direct message for them to received. If they want to online shopping, they can just use it.

Non-physical prepaid card

Non-physical prepaid card is conformed to Visa card standard, which including full features as well as security regulations required by Visa. All information is displayed online and customers do not need plastic cards as usual.
Sacombank non-physical prepaid card helps customers easily shop at Lazada, Tiki... or transfer money to Bao Kim account, Gold account...; Registering at Apple Store online services, Google Play Store, Game Online...; Downloading thousands of free applications without fear of revealing card information or being hacked by hackers. Besides, you can also use to make a surprise gift to relatives, friends on their birthday or as a lucky money on Tet holidays.

How to own non-physical prepaid card

Customers can simultaneously purchase multiple non-physical prepaid cards with different value in the most simple and convenient way via Sacombank Internet Banking system; The release fee is fixed for any card value. The card information will be sent to your registered email address including your card number, expiration date and card security number (CVV2). 

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