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mSign application

mSign - application installed on mobile phones - used to authenticate online transactions via Sacombank eBanking.


  • Never mind about token or roaming when going abroad
  • mQR - scan QR code to authorise iBanking transaction without Internet connection
  • mConnected - review and approve your transaction with Internet connection
  • mCode - generate your secured OTP without Internet connection
  • Prevent damage from Red Alert 2.0 and OTP phishing attacks
  • Login with fingerprint or face iD
  • Login iBanking with mSign
  • Enable/Disable fingerprint or face iD athentication
  • Change passcode
  • Change language between Vietnamese and English\
  • Display notification as soon as the automatically date & time is off (for Android system operating)
  • Free of charge


  • mSign Token authentication mode allows customer authenticate transactions by Sacombank mSign appliction.
  • Sacombank mSign is an application for smart phone which connect with only one Sacombank eBanking account. Customers are allowed to authenticate transactions through two modes:
    • mQR: authenticate Internet Banking transactions

    - First in Vietnam

    - Authenticate transactions with 2 layers secure: scan QR code and S-OTP

    - Internet connection is not required, mobile phone network connection is not required

    • mConnected: authenticate Internet Banking/Mobile Banking transactions

    - Review and approve transactions without enter OTP

    - Internet connection is required, mobile phone network connection is not required

    • mCode: authenticate Internet Banking/Mobile Banking/3D secure transactions

    - Generate OTP

    - Internet connection is not required, mobile phone network connection is not required

How to install

  1. Register mSign Token authentication mode
  2. Dowload Sacombank mSign app from App Store or Google Play (applicable with iOS 10 devices or Android 6 devices)
  3. Open and active (User guide)
  4. Q&A 

Conditions and documents

In order to register and use mSign Token authentication mode, please:

  • Bring your ID or Passport (original) to any transaction office of Sacombank.
  • Text SMS and send to 8149 (*)


(“_”: is space)

  • In addition, you can easily lock - unlock - reset mSign status with the corresponding message syntax:


🌟 Unblock: MSIGN_MOKHOA_user ID_CMND

🌟 Reset mSign status: MSIGN_RESET_user ID_CMND

(*) User ID: eBanking user name

CMND: Identity Card No./Passport No.

Message content is case-insensitive

The mobile number for sending SMS: is the one you registered at Sacombank

Fee: VND 1,500/SMS

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