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Support for use of offers exclusively for Sacombank Imperial customers

Preferences of Sacombank Visa Imperial Signature Debit Card/ Visa Platinum Credit Card

You need to update and use discounts/preferences of Sacombank Visa Imperial Signature debit card / Visa Patinum credit card???

Step 1: Get updates on discounts/preferences

We offer various information channels for you to choose your most suitable option:

  • Go to => “PROMOTIONS” => “CARDS” => Select the types of discounts/preferences YOU ARE INTERESTED IN.
  • Download application Sacombank4U on Appstore / Playstore / Google Store / Store
  • Contact the hotline for our customers of Priority Banking Service:
    • For calls from Vietnam: 1900 5555 88
    • For calls from overseas: +848 3526 6060
  • Email: 
  • Contact Consultants at our branches/transaction offices for support

Step 2: Present/Pay by Card to be eligible for the discounts/preferences

Depending on the type of discounts/preferences, you may be required to present or pay by an appropriate card type to get discounts/preferences .

Airport Pick - Up Service

Step 1: Register the service

Contact our 24/7 Customer Service Centerat at least one business day before you use the service at 1900 5555 88 or +848 3526 6060 (for overseas calls) and supply information for airport pick-up as below

  • Full name of service user
  • Pick-up/drop-off places

Step 2: Receive responses from our Customer Service Center

Upon receiving your information, we will send a text message to your phone number that contains information of the driver’s name and contact number.

Step 3: Use the service

Step 4: Sign on the itinerary confirmation

At the end of your journey, you are required to sign on the form “Request for Airport Pick-up Service” presented by the driver.

Priority Pass Card

The Priority Pass Card given to Sacombank Imperial customers will help you enjoy comfortable leisure and relaxation moments at VIP lounges at the airports when you are waiting for your flights.

Step 1: Look up the list of VIP lounges

  • Go to, click “FIND A LOUNGE” and enter the name of the city/ airport you will arrive to check for the VIP lounges accepting Priority Pass cards
  • Via applications on your tablets/mobile phones:
    • iPhone and iPad: Search keyword “Priority Pass" on App Store to download the application
    • Android mobile phones/tablets: Search keyword "Priority Pass" on Google Play to download the application
    • Other mobile phone models eligible for internet access: use mobile version of
  • "Lounge Finder" service via SMS: send airport code (for example: SGN, BKK) to +44 7624 809977
  • Contact the devoted hotline for our customers of Priority Banking Service: 1900 5555 88(if calling from Vietnam) / +848 3526 6060 (if calling from overseas)
  • Email:
  • Contact Consultants at our branches/transaction offices for support

Step 2: Present your eligible Priority Pass card to receptionists at lounges

Step 3: Sign Confirmation form and keep one copy for comparison

  • Depending on VIP lounges, Priority Pass card will be scanned via electronic systems or photocopied.
  • The Confirmation form will specify the date of lounge use and the number of accompanying passengers (Priority Pass card holder being Sacombank Imperial Customer bears no lounge use fee whereas accompanying passengers bear A lounge use fee of VND 685,000 per person (excluding VAT)

Insurance Contracts

  • Sacombank Imperial is pleased to give you the gift of a Health insurance contract with the most practical health care benefits .

Step 1: Check if the disease(s) of your concern is covered by the health insurance package for Sacombank Imperial customers

The insurance rights of the health insurance package for Sacombank Imperial customers include:

  • INPATIENT TREATMENT (hospital admissionfor medical treatment and examination) due to sickness, diseases and maternity
  • OUTPATIENT TREATMENT (for medical treatment and examinationin a day) due to sickness and diseases, including basic dental care services

(for more details, please refer to the insurance contract supplied to you)

Step 2: Check the waiting period applicable to the disease(s) to be treated

  • You can check the waiting period applicable to the diseases to be treated by: Directly call PTI’s insurance officers at 0909 682 288 / 08 3 910 4848 (Ext 124).    
  • Refer to the insurance contract supplied to you.

Step 3: Check the eligibility of the hospitals in PTI’s network

You can check the list of hospitals eligible for PTI’s heathcare coverage by directly calling PTI’s insurance officer at 0909 682 288 / 08 3 910 4848 (Ext 124).

Step 4: Get medical treatment at the hospital in case your diseases to be treated are beyond WAITING PERIOD

  • Inpatient/outpatient treatment in hospitals offering direct payment guarantee:
    • It is required that you present your insurance card and ID/Passport before hospital admission at the reception counter of the hospital.
    • The insurance officer will directly pay hospital fee within compensation limit to the hospital; any hospital fee beyond or out of the insurance coverage will be charged on customers.
    • Hospital fee payment guarantee system only operates during business hours. Beyond business hours, you are required to pay the fees in advance and perform procedures on insurance claims later.
  • Inpatient/outpatient treatment out of hospitals offering direct payment guarantee:

You will be required to pay the expenses in advance, then collect all related documents and send to the insurance officer within 120 days from the treatment day, including:

  • Insurance claim form.
  • All documents related to medical treatment and examination and expense payment (originals) before, during and after treatment.

Contact now:

1900 5555 88 - 0888 5555 88