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Actively planning for future finance

Demand of an automatically financial management solution

In today's busy life, the fulfillment of work and life objectives is the most concerned issue of many people. Actively planning and implementing personal financial plan could help them relieve from managing pressure and saving time.  
Ms. Van - the owner of a printing shop in Dong Nai shares that her business is very busy, occupied almost her time of the day. So she did not have much time to take care of family works as well as academic orientation for the children. Her demand is to have a tool to automatically manage revenues – expenditures of the printing shop to facilitate financial planning for printing shop and family in a more efficient way. As a result of it, she could have more time for family as well as to expand her business.

Take the initiative in managing the subsistence automatically and efficiently with the Future Financial Planning product

Currently, in the financial market, several banks are also implementing personal financial management service with many facilities and special privileges for customers in the middle-class group. For example, the product named Future Financial Planning is employed for customers who use Sacombank Imperial service is one of the helpful hints for busy people. In terms of features, this is the deposits account, helping customers proactively arrange and manage family living expenses, tuition fee, allowances for retired parents, the household living expenses... automatically and in the most profitable way. Accordingly, depending on customers’ needs, Sacombank will automatically deduct money periodically (1, 3 or 6 months) from the future financial plans which are opened when customers engage in this program to allocate resources to their payment account at Sacombank or their relatives’ accounts that registered by the customers to carry out the objectives for the duration of 1 to 5 years with a preferential interest rate. In addition, customers participating in this program also enjoy preferential rates when purchasing foreign currency at Sacombank.

How did Mr.Minh transfer money to his children studying abroad ?

Mr. Minh - a customer of Sacombank Imperial in HCM City said that in the early days when his child started studying abroad in Australian, he was quite struggle to transfer subsistence allowance for his child. There were quite a lot of issues made him forget to transfer money for his child till the very last days of the month. Then he needed to run to the bank to deposit. After using Future Financial Planning product, he was more proactive in transferring money for the child. Particularly, Mr. Minh transferred the ammount of AUD1,200 monthly (equivalent to VND20.2 million), which is summed up to VND235.3 million per annum. By using the product, the Bank will automatically allocate VND20.3 million to his child’s account monthly during the year which means that he could save VND6.7 million as well as managing his time more efficiently.

The optimal method for accumulating and managing personal finance

At each different stages in life, everyone has their own goals regarding different financial targets. Therefor, financial planning is an optimal method to be able to accumulate and manage personal finance issues. This is not a temporary plan, but is remarkable and long-term goals. Once identifying financial goals and outlining big plans in the future, the need for choosing a financial service from a trusted commercial banks is extremely important and necessary. This could help you to save a lot of time and get better goal orientation.

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