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  • As one of the privileges reserved exclusively for our Priority Banking customers, the service will, on request basis, pick-up/ drop-off customers in cities with civil airports.

Top FAQs:

Who are eligible for airport pick-up/drop-off service?
  • Priority Banking members with qualified deposit balance at the time of request. (Please call 1900 5555 88 for latest information on eligible balance amount).
  • Representatives of VIP corporate customers using Priority Banking Service.
How can I apply for the service?
  • Call our 24/7 Customer Service Center at 1900 5555 88 (or +848 3526 6060 for overseas calls) at least one business day before the intended date.
  • Provide your request information.
  • Check out messages sent to the phone number you have provided for information on the driver’s name and contact details.
  • Enjoy our premium service.
Can Priority customers register the service for their relatives?
  • Yes, provided that Priority customers themselves make the call to our Customer Service Center to register the service.
Can I undo the request I’ve made?
  • Yes, all you need to do is calling our Customer Service Center to undo the request. 
When can I use this service?
  • Our airport pick-up/drop-off service is available 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM all days (public holidays included), except for Lunar New Year Festival.
  • This card is issued to current holders of Sacombank’s debit/ credit cards. Holders of this card are entitled to access to VIP lounges at Priority Pass’s international airports worldwide.

Top FAQs:

What are the Priority Pass privileges applicable to Priority Banking customers ?
  • Priority Banking customers owning Priority Pass cards are exempted from card issuance fee, annual fee and can use the card free of charge for unlimited times.
How many Priority Pass cards can a Priority Banking customers have ?
  • Each Priority Banking customer, no matter if they are using multiple products qualified for Priority Pass issuance, can have only one Priority Pass card. 
How does a Priority Banking customer use the Priority Pass card ?
  • Identify the VIP lounges of your destination. Check out the website to get the latest information about the list of VIP lounges and on-going privileges.
  • Present your Priority Pass card to receptionists at the lounges.
  • Sign on the Confirmation form (*) and keep one copy of the form.

(*) Depending on lounges, Priority Pass card would be electrically scanned or the Confirmation form would be photocopied. The Confirmation form specifies your date of arrival at the lounges and the number of your companion.

Can relatives of Priority Banking customers accompany them to the lounges ?
  • Yes, each accompanying relative bear VND 685,000 per use of lounges.
How long is the effective period of a Priority Pass card? When the card expires, is it automatically renewed ?
  • The Priority Pass card takes effect for three years from the date of issuance, or it could be canceled when its holder is identified as unqualified for Priority Banking membership at appraisal time. 
  • When the Priority Pass card expires and its holder is still a Priority Banking member, our branches/transaction offices will send a new card to the holder.
Which amenities at VIP lounges are accessible to Priority Banking customers ?
  • Free food and beverages (no alcohol) at the bars;
  • Free access to TV, newspapers, magazines and facilities to check flight information;
  • Office amenities and Internet access;
  • Relaxation bathroom;
  • Other privileges depending on each airport.
How to look up for information about VIP lounges ?
  • iPhone and iPad: Search keyword "Priority Pass" on App Store to download the application
  • Android mobile phones/tablets: Search keyword "Priority Pass" on Google Play to download the application
  • Other mobile phones eligible for Internet access: use the mobile version of
  • “Lounge Finder” SMS service: send your airport code (e.g.: SGN, BKK) to +44 7624 809977
Is Priority Pass card accepted at all airports in Vietnam ?
  • At present, Priority Pass is only cooperating with Tan Son Nhat Airport in Vietnam, thus Priority Pass card is only applicable to this airport’s lounges, including: 
  • Rose Lounge (International terminal); and 
  • SASCO Business Class Lounge (Domestic terminal).
Who will I contact for support should problems arise when I use the card ?
  • Should you be concerned about how to use the card or lounge use fee, please call our 24/7 Customer Service Center or go to Sacombank’s branches/transaction offices where you registered our Priority Banking Service. 
What is the procedure for card reissuance in case of card loss ?
  • Please contact with the branches/transaction offices where you registered our Priority Banking Service for support in card reissue.
  • As one of the privileges reserved exclusively for our Priority Banking customers, this insurance contract comes as a gift with health care rights as per regulations of certain time. 

Top FAQs:

In what cases is the health insurance contract applicable ?
  • INPATIENT TREATMENT (hospital admission for medical treatment and examination) due to sickness, diseases and maternity, and NOT to accidents.
  • OUTPATIENT TREATMENT (for medical treatment and examination in a day) due to sickness and diseases, including basic dental care services
How long is the awaiting period on this contract ?
  • Inpatient/outpatient treatment of common diseases (*): 30 days
  • Inpatient/outpatient treatment of special diseases (*): 365 days
  • Ovary removal, maternity treatment, miscarriage, abortion under instructions of doctors: 90 days
  • Maternity: 365 days
(*) Please refer to the insurance contract for definitions of common/special diseases
Where can this contract be used ?
  • Customers can get inpatient/outpatient treatment at any legal medical institutions in Vietnam with legal invoices and vouchers in Vietnamese as provided for by the Ministry of Finance
How is the contract used for medical treatment ?
  • Please check if the awaiting period of the disease of interest is still applicable.
  • In case the awaiting period of the disease of interest is applicable, insurance policy will be inapplicable.
  • In case the awaiting period of the disease of interest is over, The health insurance contract could be used in two following ways:  
  • Inpatient/outpatient treatment in hospitals offering direct payment guarantee.
  • Inpatient/outpatient treatment out of hospitals offering direct payment guarantee.
Which documents are required to make insurance claim ?
  • Customers are required to collect documents under claim procedures specified in the insurance policy: 

    a.  Insurance claim form.
    b.  All documents related to medical treatment and examination and expense payment (originals) before, during and after treatment.

Is regular health check-up fee covered in this insurance contract ?
  • No, because this fee is not within insured rights of Health insurance policy. However, during the regular health check-up, should diseases that  requires inpatient/outpatient treatment arise, medical treatment fee related to these diseases will be refunded under regulations.
In case the insured is dead for any reason, will there be any payment from the insurance company ?
  • No. The insurance program only cover a funeral allowance of VND 2,000,000 in case the insured is dead at hospital. 
How is the insurance policy period calculated ?
  • Period of an insurance policy is one year and insurance period of a Priority Banking customer starts from the date specified on the insurance card and ends when this customer is identified as unqualified for this insurance contract based on policies of Sacombank’s Priority Banking Service. 
  • In case customers are still qualified for this insurance policy by policies of Priority Banking Service, then when this period expires, the insurance contract will be automatically extended and the new contract will be transferred to Sacombank’s branches/transaction offices. These branches/transaction offices assume responsibility for transferring this new contract to customers.
Is the insurance card reissued to Priority Banking customers in case of card loss ?
  • The insurance card is issued one time only during insurance period. In case of card loss, customers must notify Sacombank’s branches/transaction offices for support in card reissuance.
Does inaccurate personal information of the insured on insurance contract affect his/her insurance rights ?
  • In case inaccurate personal information on insurance policy is identified, customers are required to notify consultants at branches/transaction offices to get support in request for information adjustment to ensure rights of Customers.
Where can Priority Banking customers get updated list of hospitals applicable to guarantee system of PTI ?
Customers directly contact the Insurer specified in the insurance policy.
In case of difficulties in use of insurance policy, what do customers need to do to get the most rapid support ?
  • Please contact Hot line of the Insurer printed on insurance card and supply information to the bank’ bsranches for support.