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Privileges for Imperial customers

Privilege Service

We have been implementing privilege sets that put your benefits at heart.

a) Get a client identification card cum premium international debit card Sacombank Visa Imperial Signature exclusively for Sacombank Imperial customers. 
b) Get a Health Insurance contract with the most practical health care rights.
c) Get a PRIORITY PASS membership card that allows you free and unlimited access to VIP lounges at international airports.
d) You and your relatives are entitled to free auto airport pick-up/ drop-off service.
e) You are prioritized to be granted with the international credit card Visa Platinum without having to prove your income and still enjoying related privileges.
f) You are entitled to preferential interest rates and products and services fees.
g) You are presented with our valuable gifts on public holidays/Tet.
h) You are entitled to privileges from our affiliated partners when shopping and using services at high-class trade centers, spa centers, golf courses, restaurants, hotels, resorts, etc. nationwide.

Exclusive Elite Service

We establish the highest service standards for you who have decided to accompany us.
a) Professional consultancy service: You will be taken care of by an experienced relationship manager and our leading experts, all ready to satisfy your personal high-rank needs.
b) Priority banking service: You are treated as our priority customer (instead of waiting in the queue for service, just present your Sacombank Imperial customer identification card and you will be served with priority at any of our branches) with the best service quality and time. 
c) You will be invited to our seminars with the participation of prestigious and leading experts in the country and overseas.
d) You will get updates on the real estate projects of our affiliated partners, and you will be given priority in the project registration as well as other support in relevant procedures.
e) Your demands are quickly met via our affiliated partners (e.g. contacting to a consultant for advice on your auto purchase, loan appraisal, disbursement and insurance purchase, etc.).

Contact now:

1900 5555 88 - 0888 5555 88