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What do preminum customers need for a vacation ?

World is a book and the audience is not only read one page !

People who love moving life

Previously, when it comes to the concept of "people who love moving life", we often think of young people with not very high income but an endless passion for discovery new destinations. However, recently, the trend has spread to more people in all ages, especially to all those individuals who have jobs with dream income levels or even own vast wealth that we call "premium customer segment".

Sacombank’s customers use up to 50% of credit card transaction for vacation

According to statistics on the number of credit card transactions that Sacombank’s customers use for their vacation, the transaction related to travel is counted up to 50%, that number of hotel bookings and aviation is 25% of the total transaction.
So what are the needs and expectations of this premium customer segment when planning for their vacation? Surely their most expectation is not going to many places, visiting many beautiful sights or catch a lot of nice pictures but experiences classy activities during their vacation. It includes travelling in the first class seats on the plane, staying in the luxury 5-star hotel, enjoying special dishes prepared by reputational chef, shopping in the big department centers, participating in personal customized tours to secure their privacy and safety.

Sacombank Imperial to accompany along its premium customers with privileges and special incentives

Sacombank Imperial will provide privileges and special incentives for customers to accompany along in every preparation steps in order to experiencing the most wonderful time with their family and friends.
With Sacombank Imperial Signature and Visa Platinum card issued to its premium customers, they can enjoy discounting rate or refunding when purchasing airplane. For customers who travel overseas, with the purchasing and payment making by these cards, they also enjoy the variety of insurance packages including worldwide travel accident insurance with the compensation up to VND10.5 billion, lost-luggage insurance, delaying-baggage insurance and insurance deferred flight delays. These insurance packages would significantly reduce the risk for customers, especially when the destinations are unknown and new. Besides, Sacombank Imperial also provides its customers incentives to buy foreign currency when traveling at the preferential exchange rates compared to the listed exchange rate.

Enjoy the luxury vacation with the best price

Hotel bookings for vacation is also becoming so much easier at anywhere with just a smartphone or tablet and provided credit cards. Customers of Sacombank Imperial will be able to choose optimal option among variety of classy resorts at the best price for Sacombank customers.  

At the depart day, customers only need to contact Sacombank Customer Service 24/7, they and their relatives will be picked by the airport shuttle service on time. Waiting time for flights or transit time will not be tired anymore when using Priority Pass card which given to Sacombank Imperial’s customers. Customers  can take a break, relax and experience the most advanced services in VIP lounge at the international airports regarding any ticket class. 
Flight landed, sunshine and blue ocean are right there, customers just need to rest, relax and enjoy the premium services, using cards to enjoy dining deals, shopping, playing golf during the vacation.

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