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Owning your dream car

Your dream come true


  • At present, owning a car is not too difficult for many families; however, a car is also a high-value asset and still the dream of many other families. Thus, the decision on which car to buy is always carefully considered.
  • Depending your financial capacity, demand, lifestyle or habits, you can choose your dream car from various models of prestigious manufacturers.
  • Worry that you do not have strong financial capacity to pay for a car for one time? Sacombank can quickly meet capital demand on auto loans for transport/business operation of customers at preferential interest rate. Auto loans can amount to 70% of the car value if the purchased car is mortgaged and up to 100% if property is mortgaged. Moreover, with hundreds of partners in cooperation with Sacombank, you can completely rest assured to select your own favorite car.


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