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Personal Finance Management


  • Help you easily control your personal spending, make saving plans and plan your budget for future spending
  • Integrate with Future Deposit functions to help you establish and implement your targets as well as track the progress


  • SPENDING MANAGEMENT: Help you establish incoming and outgoing items and plan budgets for them
    CASH MANAGEMENT: Help you record all of the income and expenditures in cash of yourself and other family members
  • FINANCIAL TARGET MANAGEMENT: Help you establish and realize your financial targets by opening Online Future Saving Account. You can also check implementation viability and track your progress along the way.
  • INCOME AND EXPENDITURE REPORT: Provide overall report on your income, expenditure and budget allocation, allowing you to have a second look on your spending habits.
  • FINANCIAL CALCULATOR: Help you do calculations on your savings and loans. Also, you can simulate plans for your loans, savings and investments.

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