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Recurring Payments


  • Automatically transfer money based on the schedule registered (on the weekly/monthly/yearly basis or on a specific day)
  • Be entitled to extend money transfer and payment period
  • Convenient and time-saving


  • Customers are required to register this service one time only to authorize the bank to make payment transactions registered by customers on a periodic basis (weekly/monthly/yearly) or on a specific day.
  • Balance of the current account appointed by customers can be used to make the transactions.
    Personal/institutional beneficiaries can receive money via their accounts or ID at Sacombank or other banks.
  • In case the balance of the current account appointed by customers is insufficient to make transactions at the registered time, during the extended period registered by customers (from one to three days or until payment is eligible), the system will automatically re-implement the payment order or wait until the payment is eligible, depending on customers' choices.
  • Accompanying benefits: alert messages and emails when the system recognizes incurring invoices but the customer’s account balance is insufficient to make transactions; recall name for authorized payment contracts.

Conditions and documents

In order to register our authorized payment service - Recurring payments, please bring your ID or Passport (original) to any transaction office of Sacombank
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