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Trung Nien Phuc Loc Savings

Assured enjoyment.


Get annual Health insurance premium for depositors (*)
Get bonus interest rate for term of more than 12 months, besides deposit interest rate
Get preferential loan interest rate for mortgage of Savings book when has been deposited for over a half of term.
 (*) Applicable terms and conditions


Eligible depositor: Personal customers at the age of 40 or more.
Term: From 6 to 36 months
Periodic interest payment: Monthly, quarterly and term-end
Deposit type: VND, USD
Minimum deposit: 
        + VND: VND 100 million
        + USD: USD 5,000.
Interest rate: please refer to table of interest rates of Trung Nien Phuc Loc Savings.

Conditions and documents

Effective ID/ Indentity card/Passport.

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