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Sacombank UnionPay

You need to trade, go business, travel or study in China? Sacombank UnionPay debit card will bring luck and success to your work and life.


A card product issued by Sacombank in cooperation with China UnionPay – the largest card provider in China. Thus Sacombank UnionPay is always accepted in China.
Additionally, the card can be used to make transactions in more than 100 countries around the world. You can: 
-       Cash withdrawal at all ATMs with the UnionPay symbol
-       Payment at all POS with UnionPay symbol. In particular, to ensure secure transactions, the cardholders will be required to input PIN in payment. 
Cards connected to your current account at Sacombank, which allows corporates to use the account balance to make transactions anytime and anywhere via  Sacombank M-Plus, Internet Banking and at hundreds of Sacombank ATMs nationwide:
-       Account balance inquiry
-       Statement of 5 most recent transactions
-       Fund transfer to a Sacombank account/card
-       Interbank transfer (More)
-       Cash deposit in a Sacombank card/account at Sacombank ATMs (More)
-       Sacombank credit card payment
Transfer to Card – Receipt by Mobile Phone (Cardless) so that the Receipt can withdraw cashes at any Sacombank ATM 24/7 immediately after the Remitter completes the transfer (More)
Interest earned on card balance (at the interest rate of the current account)
Card benefits shared with your family members through supplementary cards. Principal cardholders can set limits for supplementary cards.
Membership to Sacombank Plus program: Discount up to 50% at all stores, restaurants, tourist attractions, educational organizations etc. with the symbol:
Hotline 1900 5555 88

Conditions and procedures

Principal card: Individuals from the age of 18
Supplementary card: Individuals from the age of 15

Application documents:
Sacombank service application form
Copy of ID card/Passport (notarization is not required)
Application methods:
Apply online
Visit a Branch/Transaction office of Sacombank


Sacombank Plus preferential program (More)
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Live support
All your queries will be consulted and supported by Sacombank’s personnel.
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