Receivable management

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Quản lý khoản phải thu
Receivable management
Multi-channel collection and receivables reconciliation solutions based on the requirements of businesses to manage cash flow effectively and optimally.

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  • Effective cash flow management, real-time, accurate and secure transaction processing.
  • Reduce risks in storing, transporting, and counting cash.
  • The nationwide network of transaction points.
  • Receivables information is reconciled online according to connection protocols such as API, sFTP.
Effective cash flow management with Sacombank's receivable management service.

Effective cash flow management with Sacombank's receivable management service.


Collection channel:

  • Online channels: Internet Banking / Mobile Banking, Sacombank Pay, POS, ATM/CDM, e-wallets, automatic channels of the Bank in Vietnam.
  • Physical channel: At Sacombank counters, At other banks' counters in Vietnam, At Customer's designated location.


For more information, Customers please contact:

  • Sacombank branch
  • Customer Service Center 24/7: 1800 5858 88
  • Email:



Is virtual account in Account Receivable Reconcilation Service is current account?

  • Account Receivable Reconcilation service is an add-in service that helps Customers manage receivables and directly reconcile sender information. The unique virtual account (VA) in this service 

(1) is not a current account, only linked to current account of a Corporate customer credited at Sacombank; and

(2) is not joint current account between Customer and Remitter.

  • Fund-transfer transactions with the information as VA will be credited directly to the Customer's own Current Account (who is the actual Account Holder) with the correct Account Name and account number according to the account name and account number on the Contract for opening and using a current account with Sacombank.

Is there a minimum limit for the receivable management service?

No. The limit of receivable management service is flexible according to the needs of customers, no required for transactions limit as well as the number of transactions.


How do The Enterprise register this service?

For registration, please contact Sacombank through Sacombank's network of transaction points or email:

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