Vay mua nhà
Vay mua nhà
Domestic L/C
Customers are committed by Sacombank to pay when buying domestic goods by L/C, improving the business's position in the market, facilitating domestic trade development.

Outstanding features

Fast and convenient

Receive L/C within 8 working hours


L/C consultant fees

Financial support

Priority in financing


  • Safe in domestic payments.
  • Free of charge:

Consulting on special terms, minimizing risks in trade.

Consulting on drafting L/C.

  • Check validity of documents by Sacombank. 
  • Prioritize financing for domestic purchases.
Using domestic L/C helps businesses reduce trade risks.

Using domestic L/C helps businesses reduce trade risks.


  • Issued currency: VND, foreign currency.
  • Flexible assurance measures, accept incomplete assurance.


  • Legal documents.
  • Sale contracts.
  • Request for L/C issuance form according to the form of Sacombank.



What is outstanding about Sacombank's domestic L/C?

  • Wide network system, convenient for transactions.
  • Accept the guaranteed rate for issuing L/C < 100% of L/C value.
  • Language flexibility: Sacombank may issue L/C in Vietnamese and English upon Customer's request.

When requesting a domestic L/C issuance, does the corporate need a deposit or collateral, what is the rate?

A guarantee rate of less than 100% is accepted, depending on the credit appraisal and mode of transportation of goods.


What is the release profile of L/C issuance?

Please provide the following documents:

  • Legal and financial documents (apply for new customers).
  • Sale contracts with the content of the payment method is L/C.
  • Request for L/C issuance form according to Sacombank form.

Can we request for domestic L/C issuance on Internet banking?

Customer can request domestic L/C issuance on Internet banking here

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