Sacombank Pay
Sacombank Pay
Sacombank Pay
Sacombank Pay is a financial management application that integrates most banking services, customer can make transactions anytime, anywhere and enjoy a variety of features.

Outstanding features

24/7 transaction

Anytime anywhere

VND 0 fee

Free of charge


Register online & make transaction immediately


  • eKYC and make transaction immediately
  • Free to get a personalized bank account number
  • Free all transaction fees.
  • Maximum transaction limit is VND 500 million/transaction/day.
  • Safe with advanced security technology.


eKYC & Open current account

Register an account by phone number, eKYC and make a transaction immediately.

  • Free to get a personalised bank account number
  • Instantly make a transaction.

Instruction here.

Smart OTP - Transaction authentication

  • Fast transaction authentication.
  • Secured with PIN/Fingerprint/FaceID.
  • No fraud messages bothering.
  • No need for international roaming.
  • Completely free.

Learn more about User Guide and FAQs.

Account Management

  • Account, card, loan and deposit management.
  • Transaction lookup and online banking statements...

Instructions here.

Money transfer

  • To Sacombank Pay account.
  • To Sacombank account.
  • To other bank accounts.
  • To card number.
  • Via QR code.

Instruction here.

QR payment

  • Scan the code to pay at QR payment accepted merchants
  • Scan QR to pay EVN electricity bill

Instructions here.

Bill payment

  • Electricity, water, telephone, Internet, cable bills.
  • Tuition, insurance, finance bills.
  • VETC/ePass traffic fee

Instructions here.


  • Open and close savings accounts.
  • Higher interest rates over the counter
  • Various types: Traditional deposit, Periodic deposit,…

Instruction here.


  • Online consuming loans
  • Online secured loans
  • Loan payment: Advance payment, Overdue payment, Closure

Instruction here.

Card service

  • Online card opening: Credit card, Payment card.
  • Activate/Lock/Unlock card.
  • Create/change card PIN.
  • Credit card payment.
  • Credit card transaction payment with reward points.
  • 0% installment payment sign up.

Instruction here


  • Flight, train, bus ticket purchase.
  • Make hotel reservations.
  • Movie ticket booking.
  • Online Shopping.
  • Food ordering.
  • Mobile card purchase.
  • Lottery ticket purchase.
  • E-vouchers via Urbox Gifts purchase.

Instruction here.

Top up

  • Mobile top up.
  • Sacombank Pay e-Wallet top up

Instruction here.

 Transaction authentication via Smart OTP enhances security for customer.

Transaction authentication via Smart OTP enhances security for customer.

Online insurance purchase

  • Liberty travel insurance.
  • K-care health insurance.

Instruction here.

Sending love

  • Money transfers to relatives and friends along with greeting cards and meaningful messages.

Instruction here.

Sacombank Sapphire

  • Gift redemption from accumulated points when making transactions at Sacombank.
  • A diverse and attractive gift list: Cuisine, Fashion, Travel - Hotel, Entertainment...

Instruction here.

NFC - (Near-Field Communications)

  • Applicable to mobile with Android operating system that supports NFC feature.

Instruction here.

And many other attractive utilities

  • QR withdrawal: at Sacombank ATMs and other banks ATMs which are applied VietQRCash service nationwide.
  • Membership card management.
  • Bill splitting.
  • Money transfer reminder.
  • App introduction.
  • Appointment making for a transaction at the counter.

ATM locations/Sacombank transaction offices searching and many other features.

 Easier online shopping with Sacombank Pay application.

Easier online shopping with Sacombank Pay application.

Fee schedule

User instruction

  • Refer to all the feature guide here.

Register Procedure

Customer can download Sacombank Pay application here or scan the QR code below:

To learn more information about the Sacombank Pay application, customers can message Sari - Sacombank's virtual assistant or contact the hotline 1800 5858 88 for 24/7 support.

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