Term Deposit

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Term Deposit
Term Deposit

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Why should you choose Sacombank

Attractive Interest Rates

Automatically optimize interest

Deposit money anytime, anywhere 24/7

Presence at counters are not required

Flexible interest receiving method

At maturity, monthly, quarterly, prepaid interest

Using deposit balance as collateral

Guarantees, loans, L/C credit granting at Sacombank

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Can a term deposit be withdrawn before maturity?

Customer can prematurely withdraw part or all of the deposit (deposit closure). Please be noticed that partial premature withdrawal shall only apply to at maturity interest receiving method.


Can term deposits opened at the counter be settled online?

Customer can withdraw all of the deposit (deposit closure) for term deposits opened at counters via Internet banking service.


How can customer check the information of the Term deposits opened at the counter?

Customer can request for information at (i) any transaction point of Sacombank, or (ii) look up via Internet banking service, or (iii) look up by scanning the QR code printed on the Term Deposit Agreement/ Certificate.

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