Vay mua nhà
Vay mua nhà
Bank guarantee
Sacombank provides a variety of bank guarantees, helping businesses improve their position and reputation with partners.

Outstanding features


Guarantee fees


With high technology


Type of guarantees


  • Low margin rates 
  • Competitive fees.
  • Easily look up the guarantee certificate online here.
Sacombank guarantee helps improve the position of businesses

Sacombank guarantee helps improve the position of businesses.


  • Guarantee currency: VND, foreign currency.
  • Language: Vietnamese, English, bilingual English Vietnamese.
  • Formality of issuance: by paper or electronic.
  • Flexible collateral.

Meet all guarantee requirements such as

  • Tender guarantee.
  • Performance guarantee
  • Payment guarantee.
  • Product quality guarantee.
  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Loan guarantee.
  • Counter guarantee.
  • Other types of guarantee.



What are the outstanding features of the Sacombank guarantee?

Sacombank issues guarantee:

  •  With a low margin rate.
  •  Cash guarantee after.
  •  The guarantee period is flexible and expires according to the event.
  •  Guarantee the performance of the contract when there is no contract yet.
  •  High rate of guarantee/collateral approval. Flexible advance payment.

Does Sacombank provide a guarantee for transactions involving foreign elements?

Sacombank issues guarantees for non-resident organizations. The guarantee letter is presented in English or bilingual English - Vietnamese and the currency on the letter is VND or a foreign currency in which Sacombank has transactions.

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