Current account
Current account
Current account
Sacombank’s current account meets your daily transaction needs quickly, easily and anywhere anytime.

Outstanding features

5 seconds

Instant account opening


Anywhere payments


Continuous joys


  • Account number customization based on date of birth, phone number, ID number, feng shui etc. Easy to open the account at counter or via Sacombank Pay app.
  • Payment, money transfer, savings deposit, balance confirmation, overdraft limit granting, guarantee service, cheque issuance, payment order, etc.
  • Transactions at counters, ATM, eBanking, Sacombank Pay, via the Internet and millions of Point Of Sales (POS) worldwide.
Open an online current account in 5 seconds.

Open an online current account in 5 seconds.


  • Subjects of application: Vietnamese and foreign individuals.
  • Applicable currencies: VND, USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF, GBP, JPY, SGD.
  • Package account service: Current account, Payment card, automated transaction alerts, eBanking, Sacombank Pay, credit card.

Conditions & Procedure

At Sacombank branch/transaction office: Citizen ID or Passport. 



  • Sacombank Pay application: See instructions here.
  • iB, mB applications: open another current account. 
  • ZaloPay, VNPT money applications.

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