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What is the maximum car loan term at Sacombank? What is the loan limit? Does it cover VAT ?

The maximum car loan term is 07 years if collateral is the purchased car and 10 years if collateral is real estate. Sacombank’s loan is determined based on the sale contract value, including VAT and registration fee.


What is the maximum term and limit of housing loan at Sacombank?

Sacombank covers 100% capital demand of customers. Loan term is up to 30 years to help customers balance their finance.
Sacombank finance 100% of customer's capital needs. The maximum loan term is up to 30 years to support customers with financial balance.


Does Sacombank offer housing (condominium) loan applicable to projects still incomplete of legal documents?

Sacombank finances housing loan at projects with insufficient legal documents, provided that such projects are associated with Sacombank. Customers only need to sign on a mortgage contract with Sacombank and register security transactions under regulations; the disbursement will be performed under written agreement among three parties including Sacombank, Customers and Project Employer.


Does Sacombank have loans for house construction/repair? What is the loan limit and term? Which types of collaterals are acceptable?

Sacombank finances house construction/repair up to 100% of capital demand. Maximum loan term is 20 years. Acceptable collaterals include nine-seater) or less) cars and real estate.

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