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How do we register if we want to pay salaries for employees via Online Banking?

The function of salary payment, bulk payment (up to 5,000 beneficiaries inside and outside Sacombank's system at a time) is already intergrated when registering Online Banking with payment service package and can be done at the menu Transactions -> Upload Facilities -> Upload a file.


We want to assign multiple personnel to control and approve transactions on Online Banking according to each type of transaction, is it possible?

Yes, Online Banking flexibly meets the approval model according to business needs (from 1 level of creation and approval for businesses that meet the conditions to apply a simple accounting model to multi-level creation, control, approval for enterprises with large-scale organizational structure). In addition, Online Banking meets the decentralization for each employee who is only entitled to access, execute, and approve specific groups of transactions, for example, only the Human Resources Department can create and view the detailed salary list.


What should we keep in mind for safely using Online Banking?

Please refer to safety tips for online banking here

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