Supply Chain Financing

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Supply Chain Financing
Supply Chain Financing

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12 months

Maximum loan period of 12 months


Funding rate up to 100% of collateral value

Preferential interest rate

Compared to regular interest rates

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Does Sacombank provide any products to finance the entire distribution channel of an Corporate?

Yes, the distributor sponsorship product can be applied to all Distributors of an Corporate with more convenient and uniform incentives than regular Customers. Please contact the nearest hotline or transaction point for advice.


Can businesses loan capital numerous times?

Yes. Sacombank will evaluate and grant credit lines to Distributors to flexibly receive/repay debts many times within a maximum period of 12 months to serve operational needs.


Where can the list of brands accepted by Sacombank be searched?

Customers contact the 24/7 Hotline 1800 5858 88 or the nearest Sacombank transaction point for support.

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