Solutions to hedge market risks

Solutions to hedge market risks
Solutions to hedge market risks

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Why should choose Sacombank card

Safety and security

Sacombank is the leading prestigious bank with rich expertise in this field

24/7 support

Dedicated consulting team, with 24/7 support

Cross-platform software

Modern trading software on both desktop and mobile platforms

Variety of goods

Diverse products from reputable exchanges in the world such as LME, ICE, NYMEX



What are the conditions for participating in the product?

SMEs are active and have business related to the type of goods traded.


What are the benefits of insuring market prices through Sacombank?

  • Daily news/market analysis provided.
  • Computer and mobile interface: simple, easy to use.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Market analysis graph supported.

What is the transaction process with Sacombank?

  • Sign contract (sign principle contract, sign transaction registration form, submit original contract).
  • Transact on Sacombank commodities Trader.
  • Pay.

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