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What is a credit card? What are the benefits of Sacombank credit cards?

A Credit card is an alternative payment method to cash, allowing customers to use the money advanced by the bank in the card to transact and pay back to the bank the transaction amount at the end of the statement period.

  • Sacombank credit card utilities include:
  • Spend with unlimited credit limit
  • Interest free up to 55 days
  • Global payments/cash withdrawal
  • Safe and secure payment via Internet
  • Installment with 0% interest when shopping/withdrawing cash
  • Accumulate redemption points when shopping
  • Discount up to 50% off dining, shopping, travel, etc.

How do I register a Sacombank credit card?

You can:


What is a credit card statement?

A credit card statement is a detailed notice of the cardholder's monthly transactions, sent by the bank to the primary cardholder on the statement date, including expenditures, payment of goods and services, cash advances and other payment interests and fees. You can use this card statement to manage your spending efficiently and pay your cards on time.


What is the maximum 55-days interest-free for Sacombank credit cards?

When using Sacombank credit cards for payment transactions, customers are exempted from interest on the transaction amount for a maximum period of 55 days. The interest-free period includes 30 days of the credit card statement cycle and an additional 25 days of the payment period.
For example: The statement date is the 20th of every month and the payment due date will be the 25th day after the statement date. If the customer makes a purchase on June 21, this transaction will be shown on the card statement on July 20 and the payment due date is August 14. Thus, customers have been entitled to 55 interest-free days for this purchase (from June 21 to August 14). If the customer makes a purchase on June 30, the payment due date is still August 14 and then the interest-free period will be less than 55 days.

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