Cash flow management

Seamless multi-channel solution - Optimize business cash flow

Cash flow management
Cash flow management

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Optimize cash flows

Our closed revenue and expenditure management process helps Partners optimize cash flow


Support to update accounts receivable transaction details online


Provide solutions according to the needs of each Partner/Customer

Safe - Secure

Secure and safe connection system

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What is the Cash Flow Management Service?

A banking service provided to assist Partners in managing receivables and payables in a more optimal way such as: automatic debit, closed process with high safety and security.


Does the organization need system connection technology in order to use the service?

Depending on the service and the Corporate's request will determine whether a system connection is required or not. However, Corporate without system link, Sacombank can assist in building the system


What is the service registration procedure with Sacombank?

To register the service, please contact Sacombank through Sacombank's network of transaction points or email

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