Tài trợ nhà phân phối
Tài trợ nhà phân phối
Distributor Finance
Distributor Finance Package from Sacombank help Corporates ensure production progress and reputation.

Outstanding features

12 months

Loan term up to 12 months


Finance ratio over collateral up to 100%

Interest rates

Competitive, preferential


  • Finance ratio over collateral: up to 100% of collateral value.
  • Preferential Interest rate and Services fee compare to normal customer.
  • Free of charge or discount on Distributors/Buyers's daily transactions
  • Issuance of overdraft limit, Corporate/Individual credit card.
Ensuring production progress with a distributor sponsorship package from Sacombank

Ensuring production progress with a distributor sponsorship package from Sacombank.


Sacombank provide working capital for Distributors/Buyers of big brands in the market.

  • Financing method: Provide working capital loan and/or Payment Guarantee for each case or by credit line.
  • Payment method:  monthly interest payment, principal return at the end of term.
  • Loan/Guarantee Currency: VND.
  • Collateral: Real estate, deposits, means of transport, goods, etc.


Eligible customer: Distributors/Buyers who are Corporate or individual Customers.

  • Have a valid Distribution/Sale contract with major brands in the market on Sacombank's approved list.
  • Have legal business registration according to the Law of Vietnam.
  • Don't have an NPL recorded at any Credit Institution within the past year.
  • Have an unblemished financial history.
  • Have experience in the current industry.



Does Sacombank provide any product to finance the entire Distribution channel of an Enterprise?

Yes, Distributor Finance Products can be applied to all distributors of an enterprise with more favorable and uniform preferential mechanisms than ordinary customers. Please contact the hotline or nearest transaction office for advice.


Can enterprises have multiple loans?

Yes. Sacombank shall consider and provide Distributor with a Credit Line to flexibly withdraw/pay the loan multiple times with a maximum term of 12 months to meet the operational needs.


Where can Sacombank's approved list of brands be searched?

Contact our 24/7 Hotline 1800 5858 88 or the nearest Sacombank transaction point for support.

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