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Customs Duty and VAT Guarantee

Optimize capital sources.


  • This guarantee product helps you lower the cost of capital & warehousing expenses and quickly clear goods at the port.
  • Instead of paying taxes immediately, you may use a tax payment guarantee issued by Sacombank to take delivery of the goods and take advantage of the tax amount payable in a specified period of time, which is equivalent to the guarantee term, in order to meet your working capital demand.
  • Time-saving procedures.


  • Sacombank offers the following guarantee products:
    • Tax payment guarantee.
    • Tax consultation guarantee.
  • Guarantee term: The guarantee term will be agreed upon by you and the Bank, subject to the records and documents in respect of the guarantee purpose and relevant regulations.
  • Currency: VND.
  • Language: Vietnamese or English.
  • Forms of guarantee:
    • Issuing letters of guarantee (including joint and several guarantees).
    • Any other forms as prescribed.
  • Guarantee method: Installment or on limits.

Conditions & Procedures

  • Target Customers:
    • Importers and exporters engaging in the areas of production, trade and services in Vietnam and having full civil legal capacity.
  • Documents:
    • Written application for guarantee.
    • Documents related to the guarantee: Sales contract, customs declaration, etc.
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