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Outward remittance

The world in your hand


Outward remittance for all legal purposes


  • Remit to anywhere all over the world for purposes suitable with the country’s regulations on foreign exchange management.                                 
    You can initiate the remittance order in cash or using the money deducted from your foreign currency account or by requesting Sacombank to sell foreign currencies.
  • Remit in various foreign currencies.
  • Competitive fee.
  • For remittance of less than USD 5,000: Customers can come to any of Sacombank’s transaction offices to perform the remittance procedures.
  • For remittance of more than USD 5,000: Customers can contact any of Sacombank’s transaction offices to get our package service:
    - Notarization for necessary documents.
    - Application procedure for permission of outward remittance in foreign currency of the     State Bank of Vietnam.


Conditions and documents

For remittance: Customers are requested to provide the following documents to any of Sacombank’s transaction offices:

  • Original version of your ID/Passport.
  • Documents on proving your personal relationship: Birth certificate and family record book.
  • Documents proving outward remittance purposes.
  • And supply information of the receiver: Full name, account number, bank name.

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