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Study abroad loan

The journey to success


Maximum loan amount: 100% of education fee and living costs.
Flexible lending and loan repayment method.
Competitive interest rate.
Sacombank closely cooperates with study abroad consultancy companies nationwide, thus the loans are quickly and promptly realized.


Loan amount is up to 100% of education fee and living abroad costs
Maximum loan term is 120 months
Flexible collaterals for the loan: real estate, 9-seater car (or lower), savings book/deposit balance/valuable papers

Conditions and documents

Original of loan application form issued by Sacombank
Copy of ID/Citizen Indentity card/Passport; Family record book/Certificate, book of temporary residence of borrower, his/her wife/husband and guarantor (if any)
Copy of Passport, Visa of overseas student, documents related to training courses and documents on proof of personal relationship (in case the borrower is not an overseas student)
Documents on income proof and debt payment capacity
Documents on collaterals

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