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Day Term Deposit

Flexible & wide range of terms with high deposit interest rates

Conditions & Procedures

  • A term deposit contract will be entered into by the Bank and the Customer.

Application criteria

  • Vietnamese organizations that are established and operate in accordance with the law of Vietnam.
  • Foreign organizations that are established and operate under the provisions of the law of the home country.


  • Currency: VND.
  • Term: Three days and more.
  • Interest rate: As announced by Sacombank from time to time.
  • Interest payment method: At maturity.
  • Renewal method: Non-renewal.
  • Preclosure interest rate:
    • Actual period of deposit < 3 days: Non-interest bearing.
    • Actual period of deposit >= 3 days: Non-term interest calculated on the actual days of deposit.
  • Deposit method: In cash or by bank transfer.
  • Deposit and withdrawal are allowed at any of Sacombank’s branches.
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