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Indirect Investment Capital Account

Subjects of application

  • Foreign investors (organizations, individuals) who are non-residents having indirect investment in Vietnam.


  • Customers are offered package service (including the opening of an Indirect Investment Capital Account, revenue/expenditures related to indirect investment, and profit transfer to native country).


  • This is a current account in Vietnamese dong opened by foreign investors at Sacombank to make transactions related to their foreign indirect investment activities in Vietnam.
  • Currency: VND.
  • Interest rate: No interest.
  • Minimum balance to maintain: VND 1,000,000.
  • Forms of foreign indirect investment into Vietnam:
    • Capital contribution, shares trading, capital contribution in unlisted and unregistered Vietnamese enterprises on Vietnamese securities market and not engaged in direct management of enterprises.
    • Capital contribution, shares trading in Vietnamese enterprises on Unlisted Public Company Market (UPCOM) and listed securities market and not engaged in direct management of enterprises.
    • Trading of bonds and other securities on Vietnamese securities market.
    • Trading of other valuable papers in Vietnamese dong issued by legal organizations in Vietnam.
    • Investment entrustment in VND via fund management companies, securities companies and organizations allowed to perform investment entrustment operations under legal provisions on securities; investment entrustment in Vietnamese dong via credit institutions and branches of foreign banks allowed to perform investment entrustment operations under provisions of the State Bank of Vietnam.
    • Capital contribution, transfer of contributed capital of foreign investors (not engaged in direct management) in securities investment funds and fund management companies under legal provisions on securities.

Documents and Procedures

  • Legal documents for account opening.
    • Documents on proof of legal establishment and operation of organizations under legal provisions (Business registration certificate/Investment license, Tax code certificate, etc.).
    • Documents on proof of legal representative status of Account holder/Chief accountant.
    • Authorization letter (if any).
    • ID/Passport (of related people, etc.).
  • Forms and templates: Form of customer information registration//change, request form cum contract on current account opening and usage.
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