Account service combo for enterprises includes benefits: corporate cards, eBanking, account services, international and domestic payment. Each service combo can be changed and tweaked flexibly to meet the unique needs of any company size.

Outstanding features


Diversify all business segments

All in one

Experience multi services


Maximize benefits


  • Flexible fee packages registration according to the needs of each customer.
  • Full package of payment account services: eBanking, card, payroll/ bulk payment, domestic/overseas money transfer, trade finance.
  • Exemption and incentives of many types of costs suitable for each scale of operation.
  • Free package when meeting the specified balance.


Meeting all account transaction needs appropriate for each business segment:

  • eBasic – Basic Combo.
  • eMSME – Combo micro-enterprises.
  • eSME Combo small and medium enterprises.
  • eUSME Combo of near-large enterprises.
  • eLCORP – Combo large enterprises.
Specialized account service combo for each business segment.

Specialized account service combo for each business segment.


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I register a combo but do not need to use 1 or a few products in the package, coule I?

It is possible, when registering for a combo package, the Customer has the right to use all products and services included in the package, the actual use can be flexible according to the using time of the Customer.


I have already registered and used the eMSME package, is it possible to switch to the eSME package to get more incentives, because my company will be expanded in the future?

Yes, Customers who are using Combo can still contact Branch/Transaction Office to advise on suitable package transfer when their transaction needs change.

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