Foreign exchange swap transaction

tiết kiệm tích tài
tiết kiệm tích tài
Foreign exchange swap transaction
A foreign exchange swap transaction is a simultaneous purchase and sale of identical amounts of one currency for another, in which the payment terms are different and the exchange rates are determined at the moment of signing the contract.

Outstanding features


Swap transaction


Flexible tenor


Competitive forward point


  • Swap from temporarily low-demanded currencies into others with higher demand for the purposes of import and export payments, remittances, investments...
  • Hedge against unfavorable price fluctuation risks (one of the main components of market risks).
  • May benefit from interest rate differential between 2 currencies.
  • Manage cash flow efficiently.
  • Competitive maturity.
  • No transaction costs.
  • Enthusiastic and thorough consulting team.
  • Extensive trading network.
Currency swap for various purposes tailored to enterprises' demands.

Currency swap for various purposes tailored to enterprises' demands.


Traded currencies:

  • Foreign currencies/VND.
  • Foreign currencies/Foreign currencies.

A swap transaction is combined by 2 transactions:

  • Transaction 1: Spot transaction.
  • Transaction 2: Spot transaction with different exercise day from transaction 1 or forward transaction.

Swap rate: including 2 rates applying for:

  • Exercise day of transaction 1.
  • Exercise day of transaction 2.

Payment term:

  • Foreign currencies/VND: from 3 to 365 days after the transaction day.
  • Foreign currencies/Foreign currencies: according to the agreement between Sacombank and clients.

Conditions & Procedure


  • Customers present exhibits and documents providing sufficient information about purposes, amounts, currency types and payment terms, transfer in accordance with current regulations on foreign exchange and Sacombank for foreign currency purchases in swap transactions.


  • Sign currencies swap contract.
  • Deposit in accordance with current regulations.
  • For more details about the solution, please contact email address:
  • or Sacombank’s Customer Service Center at phone number 1800.5858.88 or the nearest Branches/Transaction offices.

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