UPAS - Optimal capital solution for importers

Outstanding features

Deferred payment

For the Buyer

Get paid immediately

For the seller


Financial expenses


  • Meeting working capital needs for production through deferred payment for goods with reasonable cost.
  • Negotiating a good price because the exporter is paid immediately from the correspondent banks.
  • Preferential foreign exchange rate.


  • UPAS (Usance L/C payable at sight) is a deferred documentary credit payment method, but exporters can be paid immediately from correspondent banks.
  • L/C currency: applicable to all currencies Sacombank has an agreement with the correspondent banks.
  • Tenor: up to 360 days.
  • Deposit: according to Sacombank's regulations in each period.


  • Enterprises purchase goods using L/C as a payment method.
  • Request for Letter L/C issuance according to Sacombank's form and relevant documents (Sale Contract).
  • Dossiers of loans as guided by the bank.



What should an economic contract show to be able to issue an L/C?

  • The contract shows "Deferred payment of L/C allowing immediate payment"; Payment method: L/C or UPAS.
  • For example: L/C 60 days after sight; Usance drafts may be negotiated on a sight basis; Irrespective of the tenor of the contract, payment is available on a sight basis, etc.

What is the difference between the UPAS fee and the ordinary L/C, what fees are included?

UPAS fee is different from ordinary L/C: there is an additional fee for immediate payment to the correspondent bank, a fee for accepting UPAS payment (replacing fee for accepting payment of deferred L/C) collected by Sacombank, fees other similar to ordinary L/C.


What is the immediate payment fee, when does Customer pay?

  • This is the fee that the Customer will pay to the correspondent bank for paying immediately to the Seller.
  • This fee will be paid with the payment of the L/C document value on the payment due date.

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