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Confirmation of foreign currency carrying

Confirmation of foreign currency carrying


Sacombank will grant a confirmation of your carrying overseas foreign currencies or Vietnamese Dong in cash whose amount surpassing the customs’ regulations.
Low cost.
Quick procedures.
Buy foreign currencies from the bank, if necessary.


Unlimited amount to be carry with you.
Confirm made on the person who take the trip.
Effective period is until the departure date specified on transport documents.

Conditions and documents

Request form (original version issued by Sacombank).
Transport documents (air tickets, train tickets, etc. or invoice for payment of transport cost for overseas trips).
Passport (must be still in effect and up-to-date).
Visa (original).
Documents proving the purposes of foreign currency carrying overseas, e.g: study abroad, medical treatment, travelling, business trip, income transfer, settlement, inheritance, allowance and more)

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