Asset Custody service provides customer with a place to store valuable assets (SJC gold) and important documents (house papers, savings books, stocks, bonds, marriage certificates...) safely and securely.

Outstanding features


Over safe custody


Absolute security

Flexible fees

Depending documents weight, custodial assets.



  • Absolutely safe and confidential asset custody.
  • Space, cost saving compared to buying a safe.
  • Deploy at all Sacombank's transaction points.



  • Deposit document's status checking during Sacombank’s working hours (except for gold).
  • Flexible fees based on the weight of the stored documents, amount of custodial gold.
Asset Custody at Sacombank helps you securely enjoy life.

Asset Custody at Sacombank helps you securely enjoy life.

Fee Schedule

  • Customer please refer to individual service fee schedule here


Conditions and procedures:

  • Individual: ID card/Passport.
  • Organization:

              + Documents proving the legal establishment of the organization.

              + Documents proving the status of the representative.

              + Authorization letter (if available).

              + ID card/Passport of the representative.

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