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Tich Tai Savings

Save everyday, enjoy immediate interest rate.


  • You are entitled to deposit money to the savings account anytime (*).
  • Get attractive floating term interest rates.
  • You can deposit money to the account 24/7 at our ATM or via Internet banking, etc.
  • You are offered with the savings book to be updated with your balance.
  • Free deposit day notification service.
    (*) Terms and conditions are applicable to some special cases.


  • Eligible depositor:
    + VND: Vietnamese and foreign individuals
    + USD: Vietnamese residents.
  • Currencies: VND, USD
  • Term: 6, 9, 12 and 24 months
  • Interest payment period: Term-end
  • Initial minimum deposit:
    + VND: VND 10 million.
    + USD: USD 500.
  • Minimum amount for the next deposits:
    + VND: VND 1 million.
    + USD: USD 100.
  • Interest rate: please refer to the table of interest rates of Tich Tai savings.

Conditions and documents

  • Valid ID/Citizen identity card/Passport.
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